First Home Buyer

First Home Buyers

Everything you need to know about buying your first home

Going from buyer to homeowner can seem like a daunting journey, don’t worry our expert brokers have you covered. From the starting stages through to settlement we support you every step of the way ensuring all first home buyer benefits are maximised.  

We keep it simple

The bank jargon as well as different experiences from family and friends can make getting a loan confusing to say the least. From determining your borrowing capacity right through to tailoring the right loan to fit, we keep things simple and guide you every step of the way.   

We secure you the best deals

Our direct advantage over the banks is we have over 30 to compare and shop against. Utilising our exclusive lender relationships and rate discounts, we secure you the best deal now and ensure it remains the best well after your loan has settled.

We’re the complex loan experts

No stone is left unturned at BLVD, when it comes to securing a home loan it’s about knowing each banks policy inside and out. Regardless of whether you’re self employed, short term employed or just flatly declined by the bank, our experts will get you approved so you can move into your first home sooner.

Helpful FAQs

Mortgage brokers are finance professionals who work for YOU not the bank. That being said, it’s the banks who pay our fees, not you.

Over the course of a lifetime you may upgrade, downsize or even purchase an investment. Your mortgage broker is there to support and ensure you’re on the right loan for your given situation.

Consider us your trusted adviser when it comes to all things home loans.

A pre-approval is a critical step in purchasing property – it’s when a lender gives you an approved amount to borrow based on a full assessment of your financial situation.

This means you can attend auctions and make private offers knowing exactly how much you can spend up to. Thus putting you in the best position possible to secure a property.

There are different kinds of pre-approval – it’s important you get a fully assessed pre-approval not a computer generated one. Once you have it, you can negotiate and bid with confidence.

Be wary of any website that offers you a pre-approved home loan without taking the time to assess your financial situation. We can organise your fully assessed pre-approval which matches your given situation and goals.

A home loan’s interest rate will either be a variable rate that moves up or down or a fixed rate that stays the same for a set period. Variable is the most popular loan type in Australia because of it’s financial versatility.

Variable interest rates shift during the life of a loan; reducing or increasing your repayments. Many variable loans offer flexible terms allowing you to maximise your savings and minimise the interest you pay.

Fixed interest rates can be locked for a set time (1-5 years) so you know exactly what your repayments will be. A fixed rate home loan is great for certainty but not so great for flexibility as you are capped on how much extra you can pay.

With each type of loan there are positives and negatives. You can also select a combination of both fixed and variable. It’s important to talk to your broker about what loan is right for you.

A credit file is kept for any person who has applied to borrow money over the past seven years. This includes credit cards, personal loan and home loans.

Your credit file is updated every time you apply for new credit and make a payment How much importance is placed on it will depend on the lender.

If you’re applying for a home loan, it’s a good idea to get a copy of your credit file before you applying. Your broker will be able to obtain a copy on your behalf free of charge.

In Australia, even if you have a negative credit history, you might still be able to secure a competitive home loan. Make sure you’re aware of all your options. Your broker can help you with this, and select the best lender for your situation.

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