7 benefits of using a mortgage broker

There are many moments you’ll need advice, support, suggestions and experience on your side during the journey to buying a property. One of the benefits of a broker is that we’re with you every step of the way: from the moment you consider buying, to budgeting, understanding the real estate market, securing a great loan, putting an offer in, negotiating with agents, settling and moving, revising that loan when life changes, accessing specialists like solicitors and valuers, settling in, buying future properties and eventually helping your children do the same. Here are seven non-financial ways I can help you:  
  1. Suburb stats. You know where you’d like to buy, roughly. Tell me the areas you’re considering, and I will research market trends, prices, demand and opportunities. I have access to brilliant resources that inform smart decisions. What’s going on with capital growth there? Are investment yields attractive? How tight is supply, and how strategic will we need to be when making an offer? This information helps you buy intelligently.
  2. Cash coach. You might not yet have reached your goals for the deposit, or you might need to prove to lenders that you’re disciplined with your dollars. I’ll create a plan for you… a realistic one… and help coach you through so that when the banks see your bottom-line they’re simply blown away by your financial skill and are happy to lend you the full amount you’re seeking.
  3. Mental move. The moment you decide you’d like to buy, I’m your resource to discuss, debate, and determine the best course of action. Sometimes, the process from the initial idea to actually moving is a matter of months and sometimes it’s longer. I’m there for you from the dream to the day you park in the driveway.
  4. Lifelong relationship. After moving in, interest rates might fall… I’ll be there to adjust your loan when needed. Maybe a year later, you start a family, this will change your financial situation… I’ll be there to review your loan accordingly. Two years later, you might want to buy an investment property… I’ll be there to handle your mortgage needs. And many years later, your first born might aspire to buy… I’ll be there to help them learn to budget and get their foot on the property ladder. Now, you won’t get that with a bank!
  5. Agent advice. Buyers beware of the trickery you can experience when making offers and negotiating with sellers and agents. Lucky for you, I’ve been there and done that with thousands of clients. I can read the tea leaves, so to speak, and can help you secure the home of your dreams without overpaying during negotiation or auction, avoiding the typical traps along the way.
  6. Inspection intel. When you view the property, I’ll help you do your own due diligence before you send in a building inspector. You can save hundreds by eliminating a property during that first impression. Simple tips like testing the plumbing in the shower for heat and pressure, checking light switches, windows and doors, and walking the block to experience the neighbourhood… how’s the traffic, how well-kept are the homes, are amenities convenient to access, is there street parking?
  7. Savvy specialists. I’ve worked with solicitors, valuers, building inspectors and all of the other professionals that are required when making a purchase of property. If you need someone trustworthy and skilled for one of the steps in the process, I’m always happy to recommend or review your choices.
Reach out today with your questions, dreams, ideas and plans… Let’s do this together.
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